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The great reviews for STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND are rolling in! 

“Stop Dragon My Heart Around was a very sweet and sometimes acerbic story between two people who are right for each other in all ways except for the obvious dragon issue. The story also touched upon some of the Native American population problems and just what makes a tribe. These were characters with whom you could relate and none felt flat or one-dimensional. The dialogue was snappy and realistic.

The author had a facile use of words, utilizing dialogue and narrative expertly to create an enjoyable read. Her world building was succinct and believable. The major dragon points necessary for a cohesive story were relayed to the reader through allegory as well as narrative. If you like shifter stories, particularly dragon shifters, then you should do yourself a favor and read this jewel. This reviewer will be looking for the author’s other dragon works.” Alisa from Bitten By Books

“I’ve always loved dragons and so Susannah’s dragons are an instant draw for me, but what she does with their stories, their hearts, and their falling in love is beyond good, it’s great… STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND is different, delightful, deliciously sexy, and Leo and Tee are a couple to cheer on from the start. Their banter, their arguments, their teasing, and their connection is unique, intriguing, and so satisfying…  I highly recommend SDmHA to anyone who loves romance for romance sake. Even if you’re not into shape shifting heroes, try this one on for size, you just might surprise yourself and find that you’re as eager to see the dragons fly as I am. I can’t wait for more dragons from Susannah – Mei is going to have to give in to Darius sooner, or later, right? That’s a whole other story.” Amy from Unwrapping Romance

“SDMHA was impossible to put down. Between the relationship between Leo and Tee, the trouble with her tribe, and the involvement of the other dragons in various parts of the story I was swept away to Las Vegas and didn’t want to come home. Sensual and funny, action-packed and tear-inducing this book filled me up and rang me out. One of the most enjoyable category romances—I’d dare say romances, period—I’ve read and I am in agony waiting for the next installment. If you want to read something that can both move you to tears and make you snicker, drop your jaw and have you fanning yourself you HAVE to read this one and the good news is that it can stand alone enough you can read it first and then go back to LOTD. Trust me. BUY THIS BOOK. You are going to LOVE it.” Rhinanna from Rhi Reading

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    While following the comforting arc of a good romance novel, “Luck of The Dragon” is refreshingly original. The main characters, Lucy and Alec, are easy to become absorbed with – great chemistry and an enticing combination of light/dark personalities -Scott does a clever job keeping the age-old tale of falling in love fresh and her writing moves quickly and is action packed.

    To be honest, though, the secondary characters were the real hook for me – particularly Alec’s lieutenants, who I found myself thinking about even when I wasn’t reading. What happens to this complex and dynamic group? Looking forward to more reading – hopefully this will be a series.

    Finally, the dragon thing. A longstanding vampire fan myself, I was skeptical that any writer could bring “sexy” to a creature that I associate with reptiles to some extent. Hats off to Susannah Scott, the mental leap has been made. Alec is seriously one sexy beast.

  2. I like these blog hops since I am introduced to a lot of authors new to me. Your books sound like the kind I enjoy reading.

    • Thank you Joye and Irna! The blog hops are fun! A virtual progressive party, without the hangover! Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoy Luck of the Dragon. Susannah

    • Hi there ELF! Social media can be a huge time suck (but so fun!) totally understand why you would avoid them. THank you for stopping by and checking out my website. All my best, Susannah

    • I did let Joey escape! The next book will be out in April, it is Leo and Tee’s story. I have a tab here on the website with a blurb and excerpt. I am planning on re visiting Joey, but I want to let him suffer and hopefully grow up some out in the world :) It’s funny, readers either despise Joey or wanted him to have his own story, there is no in between! Thanks so much for checking in. Come find me on all the usual transmedia sites, I love to connect with readers. All my best, S

  3. Just finished you book this morning. All I can say is, WOW!! I browse barnes and noble a lot for good books, which, most usually are vampire and/or werewolf. I kept coming across dragon titles, eventually I started reading reviews for them. Naturally my interest was peeked. So I decided I would pick one Dragon tale and decide if I liked the concept (not fair to all authors, I realize). If not, I just wouldn’t read them anymore. You’re book blew me away! I will forever be in love with Dragons. Your writing is very good, don’t ever stop. I have to say I have only one disappointment, that is the fact that I have to wait til the end of this month for your next release.