… the second in the Las Vegas Dragons series, STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND, Leo and Tee’s story. A charming Aussie dragon-shifter, who can’t himself be charmed, tries to resist his sexy friend and employee, a smooth talking seen-it-all casino hostess…


Although her bffs pullout futon has some lumpy perks, Tee, the seen-it-all, smooth-talking-est casino host on the Vegas strip wants to win the Crown Jewel Casino’s yearly hostess bonus in order help her Paiute tribe’s antiquated school, and to purchase a place of her own. When Brian, Tee’s rat-fink colleague, manages to steal one of Tee’s players, and finagles the best weekend comps, Tee embraces her inner karma-ninja, and flips Brian’s best player to her side of the ledger, thereby insuring she will win the bonus for herself, and the reservation kids.

Tee is just that smooth, except when it comes to Leo…

Tee and Leo, her uber-hot Chris Hemworth (Thor) looking boss, have ignored their magnetic sexual chemistry for years. For Tee, it is fear of rejection, and concern that Leo might muddle up her future plans. For Leo, it’s not so simple. The Chief of Tee’s tribe is his respected friend, and Tee’s father. Plus, Leo is the head of Casino Operations. Tee, with her black book of high-rollers, is damn good for the casino’s bottom line, which insures that Leo’s people, the shape-shifting dragons can live undetected in the top floors of the towering casino. And then there’s the large matter of Leo needing a mate before he looses his waning dragon form.


© 2013 Susannah Scott

A knock sounded on the office door and a petite blonde in a va-va-voom black evening dress poked her head in the office. “Miss Talulah?” she asked around smacking gum.

“Yes?” Tee replied.

“I’m Angie. This here’s Trixie,” she pulled a tall brunette in a white evening gown into the office with her.

“I’ll just be going,” Leo said.

“Oh. My. God.” The blonde exclaimed and squeezed the brunette’s bare arm. “I told you we’d see cel-e-brit-ies here!”

“Celebrities?” Tee asked.

“It’s that hotty Chris Hemsworth,” the brunette said her mouth hanging open to show a tongue piercing.

“Thor,” the blonde whispered, and smacked her gum some more. “The God of Thunder.” Suddenly, Leo was enjoying himself again, his easy charm back in abundance with anyone but Tee.

“Good’ day ladies,” Leo poured on his Australian accent and the two shrieked and twisted their hands together like school girls. “I’m actually Leonidas Ryan, head of Casino Operations, but people often say I look like Mr. Hemsworth.”

Tee rolled her eyes. “You look nothing like Hemsworth.”

“Yes, he does,” Trixie said. “Those deep-hooded eyes, those hunky shoulders. That accent. I bet you have a six pack too…” She smiled at him and twirled her blonde hair around her finger.

Leo patted his flat stomach and winked.

“What did you ladies need?” Tee stepped between the girls and him. Leo wondered whom she was protecting, and from whom?

“Oh?” The brunette peeled her eyes away from Leo and looked confused.

“The bra.” The blonde supplied, nudging her.

“Right.” The brunette said. “I need a bra, but the shops are still closed.”

Tee frowned over her shoulder at Leo. “I thought you had some important meeting to go to?”

“Oh no,” Leo went and sat on the arm of the couch, swinging his lower leg in Thunder God circles. The girl’s eyes followed his every move. “I need to see my casino hosts in action sometimes. For evaluation purposes of course.”

“Of course.” Tee shook her head. “What kind of bra do you need?”

Trixie turned around and showed them the back of her white evening dress “I need one of those convertible ones that you can unhook and cross on the back.”

The white dress straps did crisscross and the bottom drooped below her cutie-pie ass dimples. “Dannys” was tattooed in cursive at the base of her neck below her pony tail. Unless Trixie was honoring the prevalence of all the many Dannys in the world, Leo suspected the tattoo was missing an apostrophe. Details. Who cared about grammar when you had such a lovely backside?

“Yep, I know just what you mean.” Tee said to the girls, all female-to-female camaraderie. “I’m wearing one of those today. They’re handy.”

Trixie was holding her over-the-shoulder pose and watching Leo hopefully. “Very nice,” Leo commented. Trixie smiled, and wiggled her hips, making the white satin shimmy.

“Vee-rrry, very nice,” Leo drawled.

Tee put her hands on her hips. “Quit flirting with the player’s girls.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Angie said. “He’s just getting our engines revved, but we know where our garage is parked.”

Leo laughed. “See darlin’, no worries,” he said to Tee with another wink. “These ladies know a thing or two about men’s cars… and they definitely know where their garage is parked.”

Tee glared, and Leo’s smile crinkled the corner of his deep-hooded eyes. He was really having fun now. He’d teach her to pester, and pester him about player comps…

“Well then, let’s get your garage doors all locked up,” Tee said. The girls nodded, seemingly oblivious to their sardonic word play. “The stores will open around ten, and there is a nice lingerie shop on the west side. I’ll get you a map.”

“Oh noooo,” Trixie said. “I need it now. We all agreed on black and white for the theme today. I’m white and Angie is black. Danny is already playing and he needs us with him for good luck.”

The blonde nodded, and then smacked her gum extra loud as if a low-watt bulb had burst in her brain. “I know, you could just give her your bra.”

“My bra?” Tee asked.

“Yes,” the blonde continued. “What size are you anyway?”

Leo quit swinging his foot.

Tee glanced at him with a smile. “That meeting calling you away now?”

“Oh no, this is official casino business, right here.” He wasn’t sure why he’d said that. The thought of Tee braless was uncomfortable in the extreme. Bloody hell, she couldn’t walk around all day with out a bra on, he would not get any work done.

“32 C,” Tee said.

“It might work,” Trixie said. “Give it here.”

Tee reached into the vee of her white blouse and un-snapped her bra in the front before sliding the straps off her shoulders and handing it to Trixie. The white lacey bra, should not have been erotic, but Leo thought it was the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen. Did she have on matching bottoms too?

Leo’s tongue went dry, and he realized it was because his mouth was hanging open.


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  1. I loved Luck of The Dragon and can not wait to read this one and the rest you might have planned for a series!

    • Thank you Jessica! Stop Dragon My Heart Around is due next week to my publisher, it is coming to be awesome! All my best, Susannah

  2. Hi Susannah, I tried to sign up for your newsletter, but because I couldn’t complete the state field, it was rejected. I’m in Australia, so my state wasn’t in the drop down list.

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