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Don’t we all want to belong?

Writing about Tee, my Native American heroine, in my new release gave me such a wonderful opportunity to write about belonging—what it means to belong to a partner, a tribe, and ultimately oneself. The growth progression I’ve listed is reversed for Tee. She has to learn self-love and acceptance before can be a partner to Leo and feel like she belongs to her tribe.

I don’t belong to a Native American tribe. In fact, I am a Scotch-Irish white woman with a side on French Creole. But, when I conceived Tee in my mind, I knew I wanted her to be part of the Southern Paiute tribe outside Las Vegas. I also wanted her to be strong and capable; a kick-ass modern woman, who’d overcome and excelled professionally as a casino hostess at the Crown Jewel.

However, when I started my research into Tee’s Native American culture I was frustrated to find very few resources. How could vamps and werewolves and dragonshifters abound in modern stories, but not many Native Americans?

I did what I could, I watched YouTube videos and ordered every Paiute book I could find. You know that middle of no-where spot in the dessert everyone wants to dump nuclear waste? Yep, that is Yucca Mountain, a sacred spot for both the Southern Paiute and Western Shoshone. Another modern struggle is the alleged air pollution caused by a nearby coal-fired power plant.

All the history and modern issues were good-to-know, but they didn’t tell me much about the culture. Luckily, I found a class about Native American culture online and begged my wonderful instructor to serve as a factual editor for me. Thank goodness, she-who-actually-belonged was willing to help me portray Tee’s culture both accurately, and I hope sensitively.

Here are few paragraphs from Stop Dragon My Heart Around that set up the powwow:

You didn’t have to be a part of the Paiute tribe to know the dark tank of water and the eroded sandstone cliffs surrounding it were special. The place had an ancient feel, as if the desert eased its exhalations in and out over the pool. The very wind calmed itself to avoid disturbing the sacred ground.

Tee squatted to her haunches and leaned over the dark pool, careful to keep her extended hand away from the water. The ancestors believed that when the earth gave up its sea, this small enclave of water remained, providing the tribe with a way to survive in the arid land.

Amazingly, geologic studies of the area and the slight alkalinity of the water supported the ancient tale. There were no fish in the water, no life at all, and her people treated it as the lifeblood of the desert. No one bathed or swam or frolicked in its dark depths.

It was simply too sacred.


Don’t you want to go! I do. I hope one day to be invited to a real live powwow instead of just imagining it in my head. I hope you will read Tee and Leo’s story and be swept away by both the fictional and factual elements—and the hot, sexy bits are great too!

All my best,

Susannah Scott

PS> I want to give a shout out to my amazing editorial team at Entangled Publishing. They found an actual Native American model (not easy!) for my cover, when using a dark haired ethnic-neutral woman would have been acceptable. I’m so proud of how they got behind the story and really pushed the envelope to give you a great cover image that honors Tee.

Valentine Gifts of Yesteryear…

Valentine Gifts of Yesteryear…

Reblog from: Chickswagger.com 2-13-2014

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!

I thought it would be a great time to reminisce about Valentines gifts of yesteryear…

Take last year’ offering from my husband. Now, don’t get all judgey with your significant other if they don’t measure up. My husband has had A LOT a practice–this is our 20+ V-day together after all!

Got your expectations reined in? Great. Prepared to be wowed.

My hubby really dug deep last year to find that one true gift that really said, “I LOVE YOU, and I know exactly what will make your heart flutter.”

Brace yourself.

carmen 51JRENQYDML__SY300_There she is, Carmen Electra in all her late 90’s glory, with a magnificent 5 DVD Aerobic Striptease Box set! I still get tears in my eyes when I remember the moment when he pulled it from the unwrapped Amazon box. *Verklempt*

I’m actually going to dust it off and remove the precious cellophane packaging so I can really share the thoughtfulness of this gift with you. Wowy-wow-wow! Carmen really brings the magic with this collection. 233 minutes of primo stripping and lap-dancing instruction all guaranteed to make ME fit to strip!

Thanks Honey, you shouldn’t have! No really, you should. Not. Have.

Carmen was great, but even her tiny-butt wagging awesomeness can’t compete with my husbands V-day gift from a few years back.

Let me set it up, I had just given birth to my THIRD boy child and I had heard rumors of this thing called a “push gift.” All my big city girlfriends had gotten them from their husbands, in the form of bling-bling, while they were still in Labor and Delivery! What an amazing memorial to the effort of carrying a parasite for 10 months, (You feel me on the 10 months ladies–9 months is such a lie!) and then pushing it through your vajay-jay into the world!

I was certain that the celestial convergence of Valentine’s Day with the uprise in popularity of “push gifts” would guarantee me something sparkly–scratch that–I wanted diamonds, for my ears. Really big ones that a Texan would be proud to wear.

You Ready for his gift? Yep. There it is on the right –>porter cable

It can’t be! A PORTER-CABLE PCL180CDK-2 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Lithium Compact Drill/Driver Kit with 424 in/lbs of torque, 2 Speed Gear Box, and a 22 Position clutch! He even went all out and bought the EXTENDED warranty, just in case I went all This-Old-House on it, and wore it out. Does my man know how to please his little lady or what!? I could go back thorough the V-day gift archives, but I know I’m just heaping salt in your wounds.

So, this year, if you get cut flowers, or potted flowers, or balloons, or chocolate, or an unsigned Texaco card, or nothing at all…

Just remember, you could have gotten a gift that says you should be a lap-dancing stripper, who is able to erect men–and framing walls–in a single bound!

Happy Valentines Day ladies. Go get your sweety-pie a spa-day gift certificate and call it good!

In the comments, please tell me the best OR worst Valentine’s gift you’ve ever gotten?

All my Best,

Susannah Scott

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A summer day and some R-rated behavior, Harlequin Junkie spotlight post

A summer day and some R-rated behavior, Harlequin Junkie spotlight post

I was honored to be a spotlight guest on the Harlequin Junkie recently. Here is my blog post line, wherein I discuss the summer day and  R-rated behavior that prompted me to write about hot shape-shifting dragons!

Enjoy! Susannah