The BANNED Edition–or, In Defense of the “Ideal Man”

The BANNED Edition–or, In Defense of the “Ideal Man”

Reblog from 11-12-2013

joy wavesHello Chick-as! Like how I did that, updating the ole Spanish version with some fresh ChickSwagger? I’m new here, so I’m still working on my ‘tude. The gals have promised me lessons, so I’ll  be saucy, swingy, and swaggerific in no time.

I’m rolling out my files of BANNED Facebook promotional pictures today for your viewing pleasure. [Note: I have a viewing FB limit of 18+ years old!] So, turn your screen away from the kiddos, and find a quiet spot to enjoy!

Check out exhibit #1 above. *Le sigh, and le drool* I totally understood when I got the disapproved message from FB, “…your image shows excessive amounts of skin…” Yeah, I know. But, isn’t it the most gorgeous, wet skin you’ve ever seen? And those shoulders… Sometimes, I get it when I get the FB Stop Sign and cyber finger-wagging. Mea culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

Other times I’m like, what? Take exhibit #2, on the right–> water shower hotCome on. It is SEXY, very sexy, but the models have MOST of their clothes on. Still, admittedly it’s a little–or a lot–of something. So, okay. Bad Susannah.

But then, the wizard-of-FB Oz approved the posting of beheadings–AND–the same week, shut a user account for the following picture. [Warning: Do not open this link if you have pumpkin and/or baby bottom sensitivities–I’m serious!].  Come on, that is just idiocy at it’s best, and hypocrisy at it’s worst. Bare baby butts vs. beheadings, and the beheadings win?

But the kicker, the thing that started my internal dialogue going, this is so crazy it deserves a blog post, chest cross armwas exhibit #3, on the left here. Go ahead, have a nice stare. See if you can figure out what is offensive about this beautiful, slightly underexposed image. I’ll wait.

Got something yet? No? Read on.

“Your ad wasn’t approved because it violates Facebook’s Guidelines by promoting an idealized physical image.” WHAT? You’ve got to be kidding me? Isn’t that was all ads do, promote “ideal” images? Don’t tell me you walk past a Victoria Secret Angel or David Beckman in underwear everyday? Of course they’re ideal. They get paid beaucoup bucks to be IDEAL!  What is the dirty, sexy world of advertising coming to anyway?

In protest of this awful discrimination against all the ideal men of the world, I looked through my image files for three of the hottest, IDEAL dude pictures I could find. I thought I’d air them out, give them a chance to be appreciated again, here in the non-judgmental world of ChickSwagger.

Which one gets your vote? Let’s show them some appreciation and love!


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